The Trend of Unicorns

If a person was asked a few years ago that which animal or creature would sum up the year 2018, no one could have ever been able to guess that it would be a unicorn. In recent times, many unicorn toy stores have come out with their own version of unicorn nails and the girls seem to be going gaga for them. This is one of the major reasons why the questions as to how did unicorns ever end up being so popular among people and where did it all start from, get asked a lot.

This article will lay out for you some of the most famous unicorns trends around the world.

Unicorn products on social media:                   

Unicorn nails are not the only product that came out incorporating the unicorn theme. In fact, many drinks were launched based on the unicorn style as well, with the same glitter and horns. The influential medium of this era is social media, anything and everything which needs the attention of people will be seen talked about on various social media platforms.

Instagram serves as one of the most famous social media platforms amongst the lot, there are almost 7.5 million posts catering to the hashtag unicorn. The photos which pop up consist of unicorn clothes, T-shirts, pajamas, and not to forget the ever famous unicorn Swiss rolls.

Unicorn slime:

Then came the trend of unicorn slime, which spread through all over the internet. Kids all around the world went crazy about these glittery slimes; this was just another way of showcasing love and regard for unicorns. The unicorns slime made its way into the headlines when children started to get a chemical reaction while trying to make unicorn slime at home. Unicorn slime is a simple thick liquid-like material, in which huge quantities of glitter is added to give it that unicorn effect.

These were being sold all over the world and kids were busy trying to make one for their own selves. The slimes were sold at high rates due to the strength of the ongoing trend. During this excitement, the important detail about certain harmful chemicals being used in it was forgotten. Borax was a major ingredient being used in unicorn slime which was not supposed to be touched by children. Eventually, consequences were faced once the chemical ended up being used by kids due to the lack of awareness.

Unicorn tattoos:

The talk about unicorns has always prevailed in the society. It has been there for over centuries now. Unicorns have been infiltrating the human culture for a very long time. In fact, people have had a special obsession with unicorns since the very beginning of the 16th century. Among this obsession was, getting oneself tattooed with the picture of a unicorn.

This trend has gained pace in recent years, not only among teenagers but adults as well. A major reason behind this is that unicorns have always been shown under a positive light, no matter the era. Unicorns are considered to be a major symbol of grace, purity, and beauty, what better way to stick those symbols to your selves than tattoos.