Tips for the Ladies – Here’s How to Pick the Best Jackets for You

By AM Wholesale Clothing Canada

Jacket is a term which covers an extensive array of styles and occasions. These include smart tailored jackets being worn as part of a suit, and the casual jackets worn outdoors to stay warm. To look stylish in any kind of clothing, the secret is to find the perfect style that suits you.
When you go shopping for women’s jackets, some of the things you have to consider include your body shape, the jacket’s color, your lifestyle and personality, or if the jacket is meant for a specific occasion. You also have to think of the type of clothing that you will wear the jacket with and make sure that you pick one which complements the rest of the ensemble as a whole.

 Consider the Occasion and Location 
The occasion or place where you will wear the jacket is among the key things you have to consider when looking for a ladies’ jacket. A jacket for the office is way smarter compared to a jacket for weekend getaways or jacket for evening wear which is often a bit dressier. If you like to have a jacket that you can consider for various situations, you might want to look for something with a versatile style which can go well with all kinds and styles of clothes. You also have to consider the warmth level you want the jacket to be and if it has to be waterproof.

Know Your Body Shape 
To get a jacket which will look amazing on you, it is a must to pick a style which compliments your figure or body shape. Fitted is often the most flattering style for many people. If you have an hour glass shaped body, you will look best in a jacket which can be cinched in at its waist part. For those with apple shaped body, long line and empire line jackets are more preferable. Someone with pear shaped body can benefit from jackets with big collars or details around the neck area. This helps balance out the slightly wider hips.
It is not a very wise idea to choose a jacket which reaches at the widest part of the hips. A jacket which finishes at the hip bone is way more flattering. V-neck style jackets go well for ladies with bigger bust, while petites look better in long line or cropped style jackets. Petites or shorter ladies must stay away from double breasted jackets which will only make you appear smaller.

Pick the Right Color 
As far as the color of the jacket is concerned, first, you have to know the colors that look best in you and the colors that will go well with all your outfits. For casual everyday jackets, you might want to select a neutral color which works with most outfits. However, if you like something different to pair with a certain outfit, affordable statement jackets are your best option.
At the end of the day, the secret to finding the best women’s jacket is making sure that it suits your unique personality and style.